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Graspop 2018

21 – 24 June 2018
Dessel, Belgium


Graspop Metal Meeting is a Belgian heavy metal festival held in Dessel each year since 1996. The festival draws a large number of international spectators, reaching over 100,000 in total. Today, Graspop is one of the biggest heavy metal festivals in the world and known for its great lineup each year.

Apart from the great music at Graspop, the Belgian festival surprises with drinks and food of all kinds over the whole area. There are many stands, so that you can get food relatively fast without a problem. From the food area, you also have a very good view of the Main Stages, so you do not need to miss any good music during a break.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the festival?

The hallowed grounds of Graspop Metal Meeting are situated on the Stenehei in Dessel. The best way to get there is by public transportation. Going by train is a good idea. NMBS/SNCB provides additional capacity and a real Party Train. The nearest station is Mol. From there, a free shuttle bus will take you to the festival site. If you click here you can buy a GMM train ticket for only €10, which will give you an inward and outward ride from and to any Belgian train station.

If you plan on visiting the festival by plane, there are several airports in close range with good connection by train or bus to Brussels where you can board a train to Mol station. Brussels, Amsterdam, or Eindhoven would be the closest ones. From Brussels Airport you can board a train for Mol station, where free shuttles will bring you to the festival grounds.

If you're coming by car, please turn off your GPS as soon as you see the first GMM sign. Depending on the direction you are coming from, you will be guided to the closest and most accessible GMM car park available. All GMM car parks are free and within walking distance of the festival grounds.

Is there a festival campsite?

Yes there is! There is an official festival campsite called The Boneyard, which is right next to the festival arena and a new campsite called The Skullotel that is perfect for those festival goers that look for some quiet and peace during the festival days. This last campsite is about 1.5 km walking distance from the festival area. Both campsites open at 9 am on Thursday 21 June and close at noon of Monday 25 June.

If you would rather not camp, you can best find a hotel or B&B in the nearby city of Dessel. There are free shuttle buses from Mol station to Graspop that run all day long. Some hotels even have their own shuttles, so please contact the hotel prior to your booking for more information.

What should I do if I have any further questions regarding Graspop?

Worry no longer! We're happy to help you out with any questions. Just send us a message.  

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Zandbergen 102
Belgium (België)