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The following definitions are used in these General Terms and Conditions.

The word “Author” refers to the owners of this Website.

The word “Content” refers to all words placed by the Author in any electronically published format. These Terms and Conditions relate to all work created and published by the Author in an electronic manner, such as E-mail, weblog messages or other web pages. These Terms and Conditions also fall under this.

The word “Visitor” refers to any individual who views, distributes, reads or receives the Content created by the Author. These General Terms and Conditions always apply, even if the Visitor has viewed the Content without intent.

The word “Website” refers to all internet pages under the domains Festileaks.com, Festileaks.nl and Festileaks.be. Even if there is no link to these Terms and Conditions.

User content
In these conditions the term ‘User-content’ aims at information and further content that can be transferred to the Author or can be transferred to the Author, or that can be entered or uploaded by a Visitor via this website or related resources, among other things, with inclusion of images, videos, sound material, graphics, documents or data files, information about natural or other persons, communications, e-mail and other messages, files, text, speech or other information.

This Website reflects the personal vision and opinion of the Author of this Website. Information and / or advice made available on this website are completely non-committal in nature. No rights can be derived from it. The follow-up of advice and / or actions resulting from the information made available here shall be entirely for the own responsibility of the reader and / or Visitor of this Website. The Author gives no guarantees regarding the correctness or validity of the Content. The Author makes no guarantees regarding the suitability of the Content for any purpose whatsoever.

The Content of other websites that can be visited by means of links on this Website are entirely at the responsibility of the creator (s) of the relevant Website. A link placed here does not automatically mean that the Author of this Website is behind the Content, design, vision, philosophy of life, etc. of the respective Website.

The Content can not be attributed solely to the Author simply because the Author is mentioned or because a reference is given to these General Terms and Conditions. Unambiguous evidence of the Content’s authenticity should be obtained before assuming that the Author has had to deal with the creation of the Content.

The Author does not wish to be contacted by mass mailing, inclusion in mailing lists or otherwise approached with non-personal communication with or without relation to the Content.

All unsolicited commercial e-mail that is sent to the Author in connection with the Content will be reported to the relevant service provider and / or the relevant authorities. Direct communication with the Author is permitted, provided it is done through the ways offered on the Website and the message contains the full name, e-mail address and (business) address and the Content can not be characterized as mass marketing.

The Author can under no circumstances be held liable for information provided by the Visitor including, but not limited to, e-mail addresses, web addresses or (deep) links of the Visitor on the Website. The statements do not express the opinion of the Author.

When the Visitor visits the Website, he agrees to send information to Festileaks. This information is only used for statistical and administrative purposes. The Author may use e-mail addresses of Visitors for mass mailings or marketing purposes. When a Visitor leaves a message on the Website, there may be a personal e-mail from the Author if there is reason to do so.

The Author does not intend to use any copyrighted material for publication. If it appears that copyright material has been included, we ask the owner of these rights to contact us. There will then be steps to remove the material.

About these Terms and Conditions
The Content of these Terms and Conditions remains in full force regardless of spelling errors and / or errors in the grammar. If the matters stated in these General Terms and Conditions are open to multiple interpretations, then the interpretation that aims to indemnify the Author of this Website from any legal proceedings is the only correct one.

No rights can be derived from these General Terms and Conditions by third parties (other than the Author of this Website). The Author reserves the right at all times to amend these General Terms and Conditions at his own discretion. Any changes will be published on this page and are effective immediately and retroactively.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to the laws of the Netherlands. No other laws, regulations, beliefs or other views may be attributed to these General Terms and Conditions.