Coronavirus and music festivals: liveblog and overview of cancellations, postponements and news


The spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has a bigger and bigger influence on this year’s music festivals. As governments take precautions, festivals are cancelled or postponed. With this liveblog and overview of the status of Europe’s music festivals, we keep you posted on the latest updates.

Many countries and cities have taken measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. With these restrictions in place, there has been much talk about the festivals and concerts programmed for this summer.

In this liveblog, we will keep track of all the latest updates about the coronavirus’ influence on music festivals. Below the liveblog, you will also find a list of the cancelled and postponed festivals. We will keep this overview updated as more statements are released.


Cancelled festivals




August & September:

Postponed festivals

We’re all in this together!

Remember: stay safe and take care of yourselves during these difficult times. By taking care of yourself and being conscious of those around you, we will get through this and get to enjoy the awesome summer that we all deserve!

All together now, but from distance. ??❤️#SaveTheSummer #FestivalSeason

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