Down the Rabbit Hole 2019 wins Festival Award for ‘Best Atmosphere’

Photo credits: Festileaks / Kamiel Scholten

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Festileaks reveals the winners of the Festileaks Festival Awards 2019. Over 14,000 festival-goers rated festivals throughout Europe in seven fixed categories. The Netherlands’ Down the Rabbit Hole 2019 wins the Festival Award for ‘Best Atmosphere’.

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1. Down the Rabbit Hole (9.2)

Photo: Kamiel Scholten / Festileaks

With an idyllic location, fairytale-like decorations and a diverse line-up, Down the Rabbit Hole creates a wonderful atmosphere. Even though the festival only really starts on Friday, the campsite fills up quickly on Thursday morning. Time to party! Even if that’s early in the day (Parcels, we look at you). Or when the rain is pouring down (Balthazar, we look at you). Or at a party organised by the visitors themselves (Porto Parties, we miss you). In De Groene Heuvels, the festival-goers are happy and ecstatic. Everything and everyone is dancing and breathes the air of freedom. Down the Rabbit Hole there is nothing but joy.

2. Graspop (9.0)

Graspop camping
Foto: Stijn Verbruggen

Festival-goers with a long hair and even longer beards, surrounded by the heaviest music and the possibility to be whoever you want to be. This is why Graspop takes the silver medal in the category ‘Best Atmosphere’. Being one with your fellow metalheads and enjoying all the corners of this diverse genre, that’s what the festival is all about. Although the black t-shirts may suggest otherwise, the metal community is one of the most welcoming fan groups in the world of music. Whether they’re catching cute rubber ducks or shouting ‘Slayerrr!’, it’s always with a smile on their face.

3. Zwarte Cross (9.0)


‘Nothing is impossible!’ That was the motto of Zwarte Cross 2019. The festival-goers, the organisation and everyone else lived up to this promise. That this festival’s atmosphere receives a good grade is hardly surprising given its reputation in the Achterhoek, a region in the Eastern Netherlands. During this weekend, the locals give literally everything and party without restrictions. Everything is allowed and everything is possible in the wonderful world of Zwarte Cross.

4. Wacken Open Air (8.9)

Photo: András Melles / Festileaks

Wacken Open Air is the second metal festival in the top 5. The huge metal meeting is so atmospheric that the campsite already opens its doors on Monday for those die-hards who cannot wait until Thursday, creating a festival beside a festival. Despite the size of the Wacken grounds, the visitors create a sense of community that few festivals can match. A well-deserved fourth place.

5. Melt Festival (8.9)

Melt festival 2019
Photo: Monique Biermans / Festileaks

Without question, the atmosphere at Melt Festival is special. The surroundings of an old industrial site near Berlin add a little touch of magic that you won’t find in any other place. During the day as well as during the night, the audience is fantastic. If you want you can enjoy it 72 hours straight, as the music literally never stops. A shared love for music, each other and eccentric outfits make Melt a unique experience.

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Photo: Ben Houdijk (Rock Werchter 2019)

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