Sziget 2019 highlights part 2: The National, Foo Fighters and tropical temperatures

Photo: Rock Star Photographers

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The moment you knew was coming: Sziget 2019 has finished. We look back at a legendary week of partying in the heart of Budapest with part 2 of the Sziget highlights. Part 1 – with Ed Sheeran, fireworks and ABBA – can be found here.

1. Puppet show during Macklemore (day 4)

Sziget 2019
Photo: Rock Star Photographers

Saturday’s sunset slot was filled in by Macklemore. With an impressive show, the American rapper really made the crowd go wild. There was so much dancing, jumping and sweating that many Szitizens had lost 5 kilograms by the end. Still, the highlight of the show came unexpected. The gigantic dancing puppets that appeared in the crowd out of nowhere drew many surprised looks.

2. The National (day 4)

The National Matt Berninger
Photo credit: Rock Star Photographers

We were not entirely sure: The National at party festival Sziget, does that work? Yes, in its own way, we can conclude. The beautiful songs by Matt Berninger and co. moved several festivalgoers to tears. Moreover, those present may have even seen the best show of the weekend. How wonderful that this is also Sziget.

3. On top of the world (day 4)

A surprising sight on the Saturday of Sziget 2019. Out of nowhere, a man appeared on top of the ferris wheel. Quite scary, but it soon turned out that this act was part of the festival. We definitely got some spectacular images.

4. Parcels (day 5)

While Post Malone headlined the Main Stage, Szitizens in the A38 were treated to a big party. Parcels played a set full of funky indie songs, exactly what the audience needed this Sunday night. Highlight was set closer ‘Tieduprightnow’, which was sung along to by the entire crowd.

5. FLIP Fabrique (day 5)

Of course, Sziget is more than just music. The circus was amazed daily by incredible acrobatics. The Canadian collective FLIP Fabrique closed the tent every night with their show ‘Attrape-Moi’, in which funny moments are alternated with emotional and sentimental pieces. Surely, the audience was also treated to innumerable summersaults and other impressive tricks. You really need more than two eyes to keep track of everything!

6. Big Thief (day 6)

What can possibly be better than starting the day with Big Thief? The lovely songs by Adrianne Lenker and her band also moved the Sziget audience. Temperatures reached 36 degrees during this show, so the crowds were mainly sitting in the shade beneath the trees around the Main Stage. Feet in the grass and enjoy!

7. Being creative in the Art Zone (day 6)

Sziget 2019
Photo: Dianne de Kievit / Festileaks

Those who thought that Monday’s 36 degrees were really too much, could take cover in the Art Zone. Because what is more fun than creating your own tote bag or painting when everyone outside is burning alive? Creative spirits couldn’t be happier.

8. Foo Fighters (day 7)

They came, they saw, they conquered. The machine that is called ‘Foo Fighters’ was especially on fire. From Dave Grohl’s first iconic scream the crowds in front of the Main Stage went wild. Opening trio ‘All My Life’, ‘Learn to Fly’ and ‘The Pretender’ were the perfect start to a 2,5-hour-long greatest hits show. Dave was singing well and the band played their 22 songs at a high pace. It was a wonderful return of the Americans, and a more than worthy end to a legendary week of Sziget 2019.

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Sziget 2019

Photo: Rockstar Photographers

Sziget is one of the largest music festivals in Europe, held every August in northern Budapest. In 2019, the festival is headlined by Ed Sheeran, Foo Fighters, The National, Florence + the Machine, Post Malone, The 1975 and Martin Garrix, among others. Apart from the big names, the line-up also includes many hidden gems, as well as theatre and circus acts.

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