Storms interrupt several festivals over the weekend, here’s how they dealt with it

Clouds over Latitude 2019. Photo: Graham Howlett

Festivals in the UK, Germany, and Chicago all fell victim to heavy storms over the last few days.

Fans were shocked! Not literally shocked, thankfully. I wasn’t sure weather or not to use that pun, oh look I did another one. Sorry. Anyway, let’s see how the festivals (and Stormzy) dealt with the storms.

Latitude Festival (Suffolk, UK)

On Saturday afternoon The Futureheads took to the main Obelisk Arena at Latitude Festival. After their second song, they announced they may have to leave at any moment due to an electrical storm on the move. The crowd laughed, the sky was clear, what were the band talking about?

Half way through the second song the drummer suddenly stopped playing and the band apologised and said they had been ordered to stop, and would be back shortly.

Performances on all three of the main stages were put on hold a safety precaution, with all the power turned off (including in the press tent where Festileaks hid and wrote our review).

After about an hour, the power was turned back on and performances resumed. Sadly The Futureheads couldn’t finish their set, but otherwise the schedule was affected only minimally.

Pitchfork Festival (Chicago, USA)

Also on Saturday, at 4:55 p.m local time all attendees at Pitchfork Festival were evacuated from the site due to severe weather. Because of the storms, the gates for the festival’s second day reopened at around 6:20 p.m.

Kurt Vile and Amber Mark were scheduled to perform during the time of the evacuation but after gates reopened they were not rescheduled.

Melt Festival (‎Ferropolis, Germany)

On Saturday evening, Melt Festival in Germany was also evacuated for several hours due to a torrential downpour, with fans said to have taken shelter anywhere they could, including in portaloos.

Storms also interrupted Stormzy, Saturday night headliner. He was delayed 4 hours due to poor flying conditions and a grounded flight. The artist posted on Instagram that ‘The thunderstorms in Berlin delayed our flight by 4 hours but I’m en route’. He was finally cleared to take to the stage at 2:00 a.m, three hours after his planned stage time.

The festival thanked fans for their “patience, understanding, and cooperation” the following day.