P!nk exclusively at Rock Werchter 2019: is it as big as a stadium show?

Photo credit: Rob Walbers

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Thursday evening P!nk headlined the the first day of Rock Werchter 2019. Was her bombastic show at the festivals as good and overwhelming as during her stadium shows? We had a look.

On the first night at Rock Werchter P!nk immediately blew the visitors away. It was the singers first festival performance this summer, but you couldn’t notice. What were the highlights of the evening and how was the atmosphere in the crowd? These were the most striking things.

Fireworks during the first song

From the first minute on, P!nk is on fire. And not only her, but there’s also a lot going on behind the stage. After she opens applicable with ‘Get The Party Started’, the first fireworks pops up in the air. Everybody is wide awake and the tone is set: P!nk will blow away Rock Werchter.

Interaction with the crowd

P!nk starts her show in the crowd and says hello to the fans as she begins the first song. But it doesn’t stop there; P!nk also interacts a lot with the crowd during the rest of the show. For example she gives a cool reaction when someone throws a teddy bear onto the stage. She even reads a Dutch sign with “P!nk ge bent een topwijf” on it, which means “P!nk you rock, girl” on it, followed by a “don’t mind my accent”. P!nk gave the crowd the feeling that they were alone with her for a minute.


Photo credit: Rob Walbers

It’s no surprise P!nk keeps changing her outfits during a concert. But besides the rockstar, there’s also a lot of dancers and accrobats with weird costumes. During the intro of ‘Try’ there’s many dancers dressed as animals, even wearing a animalhead. Together they put on a true performance and because of the insane visuals, it even seemed they got lost in a wood. P!nk let you see some of the most crazy scenarios.

Politieke statements

P!nk speaks her voice and she didn’t hold back at Rock Werchter to make some statements. While she changes her outfit backstage, you could see some videos on the screens. P!nk talks about her life as she encourages to love each other and celebrate the diversity of people. When a fan in the crowd gives her a rainbow flag, she ties it with pride on her microphone.


Everyone who knows P!nk, knows she loves getting a bit acrobatic during her shows. People were very positive about her previous stadium tour concerts, which had a lot to do with her circus-like performance. However, it was still not sure if she could do that at the festivals.

The alert visitor sees a few lines stretched around the main stage during day time, so everyone waits until the moment she will raise from the stage. It took a little while, but after she started the encore with ‘So What’ she flew up, just above the public. With her saltos and twists P!nk shows she’s also a great headliner at festivals.

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Rock Werchter 2019

Rock Werchter 2018
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In 1974, Rock Werchter started as a one-day festival. With almost 90,000 visitors each day and around 80 bands for its four-day lineup, it is now one of the biggest festivals in Europe. The Cure, P!nk, Muse, Florence & the Machine, Tool and Mumford & Sons are on this years bill.

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