Hurricane 2019: the headliners of German food trucks


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This weekend we’re at Hurricane Festival in Scheeßel, Germany. Besides the amazing lineup with headliners like The Cure, Foo Fighters, Mumford & Sons, Tame Impala, Macklemore and Christine and The Queens, there is also a lot of time to eat. Let’s taste a few of the German specialties!

Food lineup since 2016

Hurricane Festival introduced their food lineup in 2016 with this video. If you’re still not impressed we don’t know what to think anymore. You can go from Pakistani food to cheesecakes and from garlic bread to different kinds of fries. The offer of festival food is very good. But what about the real taste of Germany? Can you wake up the German festival goers for their own German specialties? We take you through the German festival food of Hurricane 2019.

1. Simple, but tasty ‘handbrot’

Photo: Dianne de Kievit / Festileaks

Anna (23) works at the backstage production office at Hurricane. In her lunch break she enjoys the German specialty Handbrot. You see a white bun with chives and sour cream. What you taste is a wonderful piece of white bread with a lot of cheese. You can choose between mushrooms and ham as extra filling. “I would really recommend this, because it’s only 5 euros and you will feel full.” I love it because there’s a lot of cheese and meat in it. If you want to eat something else that tastes great you should eat the BBQ burger, it’s 12 euros but worth its money.”

2. The pretzel

Photo: Dianne de Kievit / Festileaks

You can eat them all around Germany, but also at Hurricane 2019 you can eat pretzels all over the festival ground. You pay 4 euros for a big pretzel, but you can also choose different kinds of flavours. There are about 6 of these pretzel stands at the festival ground, so the hunger is never far away.

3. The famous curryworst

Photo: Dianne de Kievit / Festileaks

Three girls out of the neighborhood told us to try the curryworst. “It is like childhood sentiment for us, our parents always treated us with a curryworst after helping with grocery shopping.”

You can order this German specialty in two different ways. As a manta-platte what means that you order fries with pieces of curryworst (€8,-) or you can order only the curryworst on a bun (€5,-). Bram (32) and Lisa (30): “We like this snack very much, but I wouldn’t recommend to eat it at a festival. You should try the real curryworst in the local areas, for instance in Berlin.

4. Schnitzel as the new hamburger

Photo: Dianne de Kievit / Festileaks

At the schnitzel stand it’s always busy. Starting at €5,- you have two options to eat your heart out with this German/Austrian piece of meat. You can order this as burger between a nice ‘kaiserbrötchen‘ with lettuce. The other possibility is to get the big plate with potatoes and a nice salad. Most people order the Schnitzel burger. Jan (46): “If I don’t know what to eat, I always go to the Schnitzel stand. I know a schnitzel is always good.”

5. Potatoes from the oven

Gepofte aardappel - Hurricane 2019
Photo: Dianne de Kievit / Festileaks

The ‘Ofen Kartoffeln’ or big potato from the oven is about €7,- and “a real classic if it’s about German food. It tastes like it should” is what Max (24) told us. You can order this delicious treat with any topping you want. We chose avocado and sour cream, but if you want to go fully nachos you can. “What stands out here at Hurricane is that the food is very tasty and there is a lot of good food to choose from. We went to Hellfest and Graspop a few times, but the food is not always nice. It’s a pleasure to eat at Hurricane” said Ilse (25).

International food everywhere

Ramen - hurricane 2019
Photo: Dianne de Kievit / Festileaks

If you’re not into the typical German festival foods, you can also eat your heart out with all the International specialties they serve at Hurricane 2019. The ramen is recommended a lot, it tastes very good and it’s spicy. You really feel full after this meal. The different kinds of fries are also very popular: you can choose potato fries, sweet potato fries and even vegetable fries with different kinds of toppings. At almost every food stand you can choose a vegetarian option. So if you have to wait in between your favourite bands, then food is your best alternative!

Are you attending Hurricane Festival?

At each festival, visitors are asked for their opinion on seven fixed components of the festival experience, including Hurricane. In September we will conclude which festivals were the best at which points during the Festileaks Festival Awards. Participation is voluntary and anonymous.

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Hurricane 2019

Photo: Robin Schmiedebach (Hurricane 2019)

Hurricane 2019 is taking place in Scheeßel, Germany. Southside 2019 is the sisterfestival on the same weekend, held in Neuhausen. Both festivals have a very big lineup with Foo Fighters, Mumford & Sons, The Cure, Die Toten Hosen, Tame Impala, Macklemore. There are also a lot of German metal bands and acts like Bloc Party, Christine and The Queens, Interpol and Wolfmother on the program.

The organisation just announced the date from next year. Hurricane 2020 will be held from the 19th to the 21st of June.

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